Rafting the Martha Brae River in Jamaica

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From Kingston to South coast I know Jamaica

I'm a huge fan of the Jamaican Islands.  I joke and tell people I'm "Jamamerican" because I've been so many times.  Visit Jamaica describes the History of this region best.  (see below)  I found it a fun relaxing day, and something i could mark off my bucket list.  The best part for me was I made sure I picked the buy who looked most Jamaican Dread's and all...and enjoyed his stories, however, i am not sure how much of it was true...it still made for a fun adventure.  It's a touristy experience for sure so make sure you bring your money to buy some "handmade" not ...or maybe wood tokens of the trip.  You can find more about this trip on two pages i recommend  www.easyislands.com   or www.busybeetours.com 


Rafting on the Martha Brae, the island’s #1 rafting attraction is located approximately three miles inland from the town of Falmouth, birthplace of one of Jamaica’s former Prime Minister, Hugh Shearer. The attraction is a mere twenty miles from Montego Bay and forty miles from Ocho Rios. The embarkation area, “Rafter’s Village”, encompasses six acres of beautifully manicured lawns situated on a natural horseshoe island. It offers a fully appointed recreational facility which includes picnic grounds, a full service bar, two souvenir shops, swimming pool and modern restrooms. Before embarking on the tour, guests can also take a stroll through “Miss Martha’s Herb Garden”, a presentation of Jamaica’s herbs famous for their medicinal and healing properties. Established more than forty years ago, Rafting on the Martha Brae boasts a complement of eighty five licensed and experienced raft captains. Thirty-foot long bamboo rafts are boarded from a concrete pier, under the supervision of a licensed dispatcher. The raft ride is operated over a three mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River and lasts approximately one hour. Once on the raft, guests can learn about “The Legend of Martha Brae” or enjoy an exhilarating swim. T he attraction has over the years played host to a number of celebrities including HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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